Thursday, December 01, 2016


At exactly 0.54' 

Keith Lamont Scott is shot (first) by the cop in red 
and then

3 times while on the ground

by the white cop in white

who are absolutely NOT the black one 

that appears afterward on the bodycam video (not included here but easily accessible).

How can Brentley Vinson (the black cop) be justified of shooting Keith Lamont Scott 
when he actually didn't fire a single bullet ???


"The prosecutor said that officers told Scott at least 10 times 
to drop the weapon before Vinson opened fire."

How possibly could Keith Scott drop a weapon he DID NOT have ???

All this event is beyond surnatural,

LIES from beginning to end



Are people hypnotized ?? 
or under a curse, or what !!!!

Mind control is understandable

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


one tiny info lacking here ...
Svalbard was made in 1984 (yeah "1984"-:)
meaning 32 (thirty two-:) years ago
then so, it had been designed maybe 40 years ago,
and the project is probably 50 years old if not more,
Got it ??

////Dear Alice, you're late////
WE're late, uh ?

Does ANY ONE know what are we expecting for NOW ???
Because "THEY"'re already planning for the year 2066, don't "They" !!
Have a good night Ladies & Gentlemen

"MAKOW COMMENT- There seems to be a Left (Communist, globalist) and Right (Fascist, Zionist, nationalist) branch of the Jewish Illuminati"

I tried many times to tell that to Henri but to no avail ...

(just put the Fascists' handlers in the first category ...)


Monday, November 28, 2016


To all those who rejoice over Trump's victory, or Russia's come back to counter the Anglo-Saxons control, or any apparent progress contrary of globalisation, let me tell you that you're not only wrong but the following years will see the final step of mankind's enslavement.

Russia is building a formidable military power and it is not for the good. So does China while Europe and America do not stay behind. Right now, and all the more in the years to come, the world will see every country armed to the teeth as it has never been the case before, and this with weapons so mightyful that nobody will be able to oppose them even if all the people of the world would like to, which is a hopeless wish anyhow.

Until today, and maybe already a few years ago, the world's dictators could not manage their might without the people's help but it is most probably no more the case. Just a few devoted men can crush any rebellion and control the masses at will under the order of the mad tyrans who are destroying the masses in each and every country of the world, no matter under which political colour they disguise their control. We may have escaped WW3 thanks to Trump's election but the Damascus Sword, oops ... Damocles, in front of which a third world war would be a kids' game is now inescapable.

Humanity is enslaved, for good and for ever until some God's miracle will free us from both the crazyness of the few and the madness of the rest. Any step forward just takes us all from Charybdis to Scylla, no matter how mush "awakened" we are. Forget anything else than praying and keeping wrong doing away as much as possible. The Nazis were not Hitler and the SS but the Anglo-Saxons who are passing today the leading role to Russia and, this is the end of the movies because, as said in the Torah, the Devil will come from the North.

This last sentence is neither an outdated prophecy nor a new age "pious nightmare", it is a fact we can witness right now under the sun. Yes, Putin is well connected to the Orthodox Christians and for those who know best, try to recall what that means in the light of the late Barry Chamish research. I can add to this that they are all connected, from Nethanyau to Modi, from ping to pong, all of them in every continent north to south and east from west. The only remaining step everyone should focus over is being the best man possible, performing the highest morality available without compromising for life.

End of transmission as some say.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


What are we talking about ? As usual indeed, the powerfuls and the social trends, both of which representing the same illusion of reality.

Trump here, LGBT there, China going global, Putin up, Romney back, the Queen, the Dow, John Bull ... abracadabra.

I hereby declare that the one who will find the trick to have people interested in their own life instead of all the voodoo socialistic theaters will beat God at His own game.

Meanwhile, let's remind that neither God nor the evil has a way to interfere in human's affairs if not for the people to side with one or the other.

As long as we will see the stranger, individual or group, in a dualistic sterile view as a friend or a foe, our world will remained the prey of those who are the advocates of strengh as a prerequisite to lead.

There are always those fighting for the authority and these for the oppressed but both of them are wrong because the Only One to fight for is God and God is nowhere except inside everyone of us. Any and every external fight is an illusion, plain and simple. If everyone was fighting the interior fight, all of us would rejoin and unite without even expressing the need to become united.

The only real and worthy fight is inside, period !!

Poor us who are looking for a 'raison d'être' in the wild wild west, the sky or the far east ... 🐳

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


There's a huge Comedia del'Arte brewing right now.

First of all, it is obvious that the PTB wanted Hillary to be defeated. It has been said that the Democrats hadn't scaled the true resentment of the American people ... wrong.

They did everything to position their candidate as the hawk of the hawks.

They had the perfect candidate to win over Trump in the person of Bernie Sanders whom they dumped. They knew that Hillary was the most hated politician around especially because of her extremist objectives regarding both internal and world prospects, past, present and future. How they wanted to push their Neocon program to the end no matter what was another scaring tactic. They had her demonized as much as they could notably through Wikileaks that did not get its material thanks to a few so-called concerned FBI agents, which is a gross lie, but directly from the PTB.

Mrs Clinton during most of the campaign appeared ill but, the next morning, she's walking the woods, and feels quite fine as it seems from the images of her concession speech. ill-ary, another destabilizing factor of the election campaign working contrary to the Dems objectives appears to have also been a total psyop. She reportedly even got drunk the election day evening so that she couldn't appear on stage to say 'ce n'est qu'un au revoir' ..., or was it to give the time to her tailor to sew a purple outfit * ??

Then, comes the "purple revolution" falling apparently from the sky but that had been crafted long ago as another proof that they intended to lose all the way.

* On that 'Concession' Speech (aka Meet the New Clinton Inc.)

see also:

Silent Coup in the USA ?
Clintons already plotting their comeback as Chelsea is being groomed for congressional run

On the Razor's Edge

Guilty on all accounts ... "We the People".

Imagine a thief walking down the street holding a big bright sign reading: "I am a thief". 

What for would that be ?

A first possibility could be that all the people were thieves and, this individual just wanted to claim 
loud what happened to be the norm around, for any reason, say like a sodomite in Sodom.

A second could be that, by doing so, he wanted to be arrested because being in jail would spare him a worse fate.

A third could be that he lied to get released later for an advantage.

A fourth that he was driven by someone else's interest who had upon him a way of leverage.

In the case of Hillary's organised flop, we should consider all options.

1. The possibility for a person guilty of many counts of offenses, up to treason, representing of a party (not the Dems but the Neocons) who has in its archives wars and coruption at the highest level to possibly become an official candidate of the US presidency means that all the country is complicit in such a situation only by allowing it to happen.

2. For the Neocons, retreating behind the curtain has become the only option available since their power has faded beyond the possibility of dominating any more, that is, the US army and the global economy in order to escape a huge crash. This move is like a controlled demolition of a cracked tower before the natural crash.

3. Still, fading in the shade is a way to regroup until the next opportunity to come back stronger, during which time the iron hand would release some pressure on the surface.

4.* The Neocons represent only one wing of the NWO, the Anglo-Saxon military and financial dominance that had been in place since a hundred years or so and that is now shouldered by the old guard of European "old-NWO", on a recently acquired parity level, both of them controlled by a few leaders away from the public eye.

Now, where the power comes from ? Technology. The Romans had the first war machines of the times. Then, England with the first industrial revolution had the lead for two centuries. Then, Germany took the lead only for a short time and locally until America became the Sherif. But, the real technology of modern times was indeed born in Germany because it is based on science and science has never left Germany since then. 

The Anglo-Saxons have occupied Germany  and supervised Europe from the end of WW2 but, although they have stolen as much as they could from german scientists, they could not rip them of the core of their science that has remained untouched. That was seventy years ago and eighty since the Quantum revolution. America's military might is fading because, despite their power, they have not advanced as others, Russia in the bright light ans most probably Germany in the shadows. 

The EU (what I call the"Old-NWO") has been controlled by the Anglos on the surface but, except for a few nations like Poland, the heart of EU has remained opposed to the Anglo-American diktat and has waited since then to regain not only their autonomy but their place as the world's leading role. Germany has also a double revenge to take: vs the Nazis that was an Anglo-Saxons creation sent against them from the inside and the American that destroyed the country at the end of WW2 and stole their secrets of the time.

Although both NWOs and other powers that be walk hand in hand, the inside fight always goes on for the lead ...

read: American Dream Metamorphosis: The Fourth Fascist Reich Plan

nb: "Great" Britain has quit the EU because it knows the old NWO - aka nationalists - will regain control of it and soften the 'communist' rules and the Anglos want to keep the grip tighten as mush as they can as proved by the last internet control law they have undertaken.


China, India, Pakistan and Nigeria are the 4 most polluted countries on earth. 
It is quite surreal to see chinese people making exercise in the fog at dawn 
in a country where it is worse to be a "free" citizen than a prisoner in other places ...

Now, let me tell you something about China's factories. I heard the following from an ex brother in law who had been a year in China as a designer in a clothes' factory .

When a new factory is built, some officials go to the countryside and chose a village with the fitting number of people needed to fill up the factory with workers. They make a deal with the village's representative for a number of years. Then, all the village is brought to the place. All the people will from now on live right inside the walls. Those able to work will be trained on the spot. The others, including children will provide for the living amenities like cleaning, cooking, washing ... They work inside, sleep inside, eat inside, die inside for the time of the contract like cattle in a barn. When the contract is over, another village comes to replace the former.

When you're a manager, you're offered a good life all included as was that for my in law. A car is coming to pick you up at your ten stars hotel in the morning, taking you to twenty stars  restaurant for meals and to the pleasure parlor in the evening, if you'd like to, where you enter a huge appartment with dozens of underage naked nude girls dancing or bathing in pools ...


Born in Afghabistan in 1972, she saw her parents killed by URSS soldiers some short time before 1984. She was 12 years old at the time of the famous picture taken in a refugee camp in Pakistan, where she had been since then, now a mother of three daughters, until last month when she has been expulsed back to Afghanistan where it is the end of her dream to see her children educated. She is presently ill of hepatitis.

1984 - 2002


Afghani classroom

Afghan family expelled from Pakistan


Saturday, November 12, 2016


Once again, through the 2016 US election, people have been fooled like first graders. Change at the top will never result in any real change for all since the one and only change that can deal effectively with humanity's problems must come from every individual at the bottom of one's heart.

The two biggest "changes" humanity has experienced in the last two thousand years, in the West, has been exactly that: Christianity and Islam. Christianity was the first mass progress toward a better man and, even if it has been hijacked by hierarchical organisations, it has remained alive because the concept resonated deep inside every human's soul. The same can be said about Islam although this was not much for the better but rather for the worse. Buddhism in the East has the same roots with different results.

Another reason that change will never come from the top is that what we call 'the top' is only a front for institutions that remain unchanged both in their nature and representation, institutions that have been set up from the root to profit exclusively the powerful and keep the pyramid of power unshaken no matter who steers the wheel.

People need to believe and the tragedy is that, instead of believing in themselves to become better men and women, they look for beliefs on the outside. They count on a leader, on a system or on a group to evolve in the right way. Such a tendancy, by definition, will never deliver the result they crave for. The biggest insight of powerful people has forever been to throw at the crowd as much belief systems to chose upon in order to, they say, reach what they are deprived of, an ultimate goal to follow. From the numerous pagan gods of the antiquity until todays' political or religious churches, humanity has never lacked utopies to follow, even if the utopy is a glass of wine with a saussage.

The way out of this spiraling mind control is for every being to reclaim his natural identity, to reconquer his natural life as the sole guide one's have to protect himself and from which to get advised. Way before being a cultural entity, man is a natural wonder that has nothing to gain from any manmade system whatsoever. The source is inside every human being, the source is the life that proceed from the inner 'self' and this one source that is fully identical for every living creature is the only way to regain unity and freedom. Any other attempt to find a meaning outside of that will just divide and humiliate one and the other.

Life and nature are what makes us human and equal, not theories or practices. Life is The Provider, not the state. Man is who he is because he is born such, not because he learns or follows this or that. Freedom is embedded in life by default; escaping this fundamental fact leads straight to slavery, individually as well as collectively. Taking the slightest life form and putting it in a cage means abnormality, depression and death. Consequently, the barometer of human's evolution lies solely in how life is treaten by the people, not only human life but all life, beginning with its weakest elements, vegetal, animal, children and women.

The best proof of that, if one was needed, is that the few remaining natural tribes are a thriving example of life respecting humans, just as young animals are always protected by the elders. If that was not the case naturally, well, life would have gone extinct at its very beginning. The conclusion is: drop army, drop military, don't work for any arm fabric, don't enlist in any life threatening activity, even at the stake of your own comfort or wrong dreams because powerful people still need you and me to be their cannon fodder one way or another.

Humanity's freedom is everyone's task, now and then. As long as the powerful's organisations will find among us nuts and bolts to build their power with, nothing will change. It is an absolute imperative for man to look inside for guidance since, short of that, he will always find himself in the situation of the Hebrews waiting for the return of Moses building one Golden Calf after another.