Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Two weeks ago, there has been a small but highly significant event that has been largely ignored, an apparent shift in the UK foreign policy toward Russia. "Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his British counterpart Boris Johnson have discussed the normalization of bilateral relations".

In the aftermath of which, Theresa May phoned Putin and "both leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of UK-Russia relations and pledged to improve ties."

I recently wrote that Brexit was the result of a need of independance from the EU for Britain to support the US in case of a war with Russia ... Well, maybe it was the contrary and Britain wanted to be considered NOT supporting the US in such a case.

If so, that would be quite stange and the motive of not supporting America must be some extraordinary - dreadful plan from the superpower that is feeling cornered as a hunted boar,
Army-Geddon !
The US today can only count on very few nations to support them, Saudi Arabia, Japan ... ?

In Syria, Washington is ready to sell its skin the highest price as the lone wolf that it has become:
"Pentagon says US ready to target Russian & Syrian planes in Syria".

"Washington is losing all credibility in the strategically pivotal region because it has for too long pivoted between criminal schemes and duplicity."

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I am no analyst, no historian, no nothing, just small fry, but I do know a few things, understand others and feel much more.

1929 was the preset of WW2 that led to Hitler and the demise of Germany, as the last empire nation, which until today remains under the Allied boot. 2016 may very well lead to another crach and WW3. Russia allied with China and the neutrality of most of EU countries for fear to be caught too much in the middle is a formidable asset for the 'old-NWO' if engaged against the US, but.

On one side, the Anglo-Saxons that are the de facto PTB do not care by a whisker of America being devastated by a retaliatory assault, and on the other, Putin will hesitate to fire at the places on EU borders where Obama has set its missiles directed toward Russia. And if those missiles are equipped with low radiation emission warheads, to preserve EU as much as possible from a fallout, if those missiles I say are multiplied until each one reach a sensible destination, everything might be over in less than ten days, even five acccording to Merkel ...

China may shoot at America, together with Russia, 'They' do not care because America is already sacrified per 9/11 example.

I believe there will be no elections since both candidates are jokes and because Obama is the perfect chief of such an unprecedented event in history, a thinking zombie who hates everyone, blacks in particular, he is a perverted allah akhbar mulatto, a living Frankestein.

But who knows ? Not me for sure.

Charlie Chaplin, 1947, Monsieur Verdoux

uh ! & by the same token, Israel feast days may be over soon ...
"Where do US nuclear weapons travel from Turkey ?"

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

François squared

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to finish a text explaining my view about the NWO infighting and its separation into two factions, but what I've said in my last article, Belly Ballots should be enough to get the point with the addition of knowing that France has been willingly siding with the 'new-NWO' - Anglo-Saxons/satanists until now.

I don't believe that France has fundamentally changed but that it is giving a sign to the Anglos that they ought not going too far in their hawkish stance because France nonetheless stands in the heart of the 'old-NWO' and is not ready to compromise the balance between the two factions. France is at the helm of a bourgeois' dominated world and it will never be ready to follow an aristocracy of any kind anytime.

This is the purpose of the meeting of the two François, so well named in that context ...
On a side line, Hollande expressed "the gratitude of the french people" to cut some grass under the feet of Marine Le Pen.

Let not the Anglos forget that, although they have hijacked the compass and triangle, 
the masonic handshake is a fully european attribute historically ...

Monday, August 15, 2016


the first thing I'd do would be to auction the desk where Obama laid his feet and ...

Sunday, August 07, 2016


No matter who you vote for, the system will go on as usual.

As I said, the one and only true vote is:

But today, unfortunately, 
since everything is rigged from top to down ... and the contrary,
this nearly means:

get to the forest and build yourself a hut !!!

One small observation however, the article where I picked the above graphic ends by supporting Trump as the last chance for America to step out of the NWO hawks' claws, as many do in the alternative press. 
I would like to endorse this view because of only one reason that is, Trump might not raise the bids for war with Russia, or anyone else for that purpose, and the last thing our planet needs is just that, war.

But I would remain cautious because all the matrix seems to support Hillary, and that would perhaps be their last trick for Trump to step onboard, and who knows what do they intend in the end *** because, no doubt, Trump is theirs too, from scratch & all along.

 No smoke without a fire ...
no smoke without a fire ...

So my point is, to get a clue about that, one has to understand that there are two factions inside the NWO fighting for control as I have explained here, in a word, 

the "old one" of EU kings, the Pope, Peres, Putin / Trump ... 

and the "new one" of Anglo-Americans, rich "Jews", Abe, Bibi / Clinton*...

You can also separate the two as Liberalists vs. Marxists, or else as financiers vs. industrialists.

*nb considering my insight on that supposed rift inside the NWO, the Bushes side with the Clintons. As you can notice, right and left are not relevant in such a case

(check: "If the fact Neocons are now supporting Hillary Clinton confuses you, read this")


"New NWO" End Game

Something big is brewing out.

Hillary is Deadly ill, see here.
She can vanish out anytime.
"They" know, of course.

Then why chose her at this point and furthermore when she is becoming the most hated woman in the world ??

Wikileaks' Assange is playing the game big time, only in reverse mode. He's in too from start, as is Snowden. (Should I precise: they are on the paylist of the NWO of old)

The "new NWO" (see above) is on the wire for numerous reasons:

- there is no more industrial base in the US / UK

- all the world's wealth is kinda virtual

- a major financial crisis is looming, fast (subprimes come back - Wells Fargo, China ...)

- America's military dominance is sinking quickly (Russia/China)

And more but one, the "old NWO" is shouting wolf.

So then, the trick would be to have Hillary pass away soon and just before the election, provoke a financial crisis and ... declare war, or martial law, or both, or anything else that would enable them to stay on board.

Just a - scary - guess, but somehow justified, I believe

Then, look at that:

Obama to cancel 2016 elections after emergency declared !
(couldn't find the original statement)

This is old news, fully 'conspiracist', but ... in light of Hillary now probable vanishing ...
(also here, here & here)

Two other disturbing events, and although the second might not seem related to our subject, it might be more than one could imagine ...

Obama admits US must partner Russia beat Isis ... WTF such a change ???

U.S. government to lift ban on part-human, part-animal embryos ... Who knows what "they" ALREADY have in stock somewhere ??? And to what purpose ...

But this time, it will not be GM mosquitoes.

"They" have for a long long time accustomed the masses to believe deep inside their idiotic minds that there may be aliens among us that look human.
See also the huge "reptilian" fake theories together with the zombies entertained that they are a too much possible reality ...

In any case, "they" have for sure a handful of differents scenarios.

My last point is that this year is like no other:

"They" use Islamist attacks in full gear in order to arm the police in EU while in the US, the cops themselves play the game, and more. You now get an armed faction of Black lives matter !

There are many ramping conflicts in the world where the US are involved directly or by alliances: Kashmir, South China Sea, Ukraine,  ... don't remember the list but there's a lot !

Ha Ha !!!
Here's one smart fellow ...

must read :

SO, so, the question is, if not Hillary nor Trump ... then who / or what ???

Well, Saddam and Mouammar did not say anything else ...

(see: Obama wants a third term and this is how he could make it happen)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


so that so, Obaman replies :

 "Take it Isis"

People, People, People !!!
How many billions of us have died for ages just because of our dumbness ?
It is the wolf's role to kill.
We are the culpables to remain lambs whereas we could stop them anytime,
if only we wanted to ...


and, with no joke, I believe that the US/GB are pushing Turkey into the arms of Russia with the avorted coup and the late fire blaze near an OTAN base, as well as destabilizing EU with remotely operated "terrorists" so as to confront 'The West" with Russia upon the arabs as I said in the precedent post about Brexit.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


There is no Tatoo that will say who you are.

Stand up.

Who you are is embedded inside your cells.

No outer world will give you an answer about that.

Search in your own body, mind, consciousness.

You are from your inner self, not from any outside world.

Just like an Animal.

We're all animals, somehow different but not alien.

We're not from the outer space but from this very world, 

all of us,

just like worms ...

Take care of yourself,

Don't care of anything else than yourself,

You're your own goal downhere,


Everything you're looking after is inside you.

You are the beginning and the end of your own life


Monday, June 27, 2016


Europe was a globalist move ... of the past*. Europe has been used to bring many countries out of the Russian sphere and to put up the machinery for surrounding Russia with missiles. Done. Europe has become a burden for the next phase.

You all know that nothing stops the Coakroches from going on. They destroy a plane full with innocents in order to kill just one target, they spray deadly chemicals over entire urban centers on and on, they commercialize deadly drinks, deadly vaccines, deadly food, deadly medecines. They promote immorality, alcool, tobacco, heroin, every killing agent that can be used. They fill the news with wars, with mayhem, with innocence being destroyed as much as possible. They replace 'natural' tyrannies with anarchy, with terrorists sponsored by themselves. They build weapons of mass destruction round the clock, and use them, slowly until ...

But that is like brexit, a prelude ...

Because all the degradation of mankind is going much too slowly, and both China and the EU are not doing enough, are not willing to fully cooperate with them, in their eyes. Inside the Powers That Be, they are those who love it as it is, getting the butter and the money of the butter. But the real game is beyond, far beyond.

Since the third Reich, they didn't move from the desire to kill globally, and the Northern Hemisphere is full of slaves, their own technology made slaves together with the Asian ones. Slaves are useful but in the long run, they grow, like the Jews in Egypt, and they cost. They are a threat for the times to come. They must be disposed of, erased. Only one way: Atom. All at once. The beast will be satisfied. Egypt will get its revenge over Moses.

Germany, say high level Germans who are the masters, Britain, the Queen and some prominent families of the ring, a few others from some countries like France, Italy and the Benelux of old, the (argentinian) Pope ... All those in the list have hiding places ready in South America and private planes to get them there (Submarines were good for Hitler, but who knows ?!). Uruguay, Argentina, Chile. Since a long time. The northern hemisphere must be cleaned. The pretext will be a war with Russia, beginning in Syria, and the first blow will come from the US, from all around. Indian ocean, Gulf states, Alaska, Guam and else.

The clock will tick between october and december. Brexit will have sunk into the summer holidays and september will see business as usual. Most targets will be nuclear plants.

Another goal of Britain stepping out of EU would be that, in the case of a 3rd WW, Europe could positioned itself outside an US-UK coalition. You know, the old good  progeny of Charlemagne ...

Hope I'm wrong.

* Europe at its beginning was designed primarily to burry the memory of Nazi Germany and make it appear as a benign country. Do you father what Germany must be up to today since it was its scientists that instigated 100 years ago the atomic revolution, and 80 years ago the quantic revolution, that they had missiles when all others had guns. Von Braun ...

... read:

"The Red Symphony," based on the 1938 NKVD interrogation of Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky, is definitive proof that world events "are made to happen." 

"Masons should recall the lesson of the French Revolution. Although "they played a colossal revolutionary role; it consumed the majority of Masons..." Since the revolution requires the extermination of the bourgeoisie as a class, [so all wealth will be held by the Illuminati in the guise of the State] it follows that Freemasons must be liquidated. 

Like Masons, other applicants for the humanist utopia master class (neo cons, liberals, Zionists, gay and feminist activists) might be in for a nasty surprise. They might be tossed aside once they have served their purpose." 

---- AS Europe is (illegals) and will be (nuclear cloud), because Europe is nothing but the triumph of bourgeoisie !!!

He, He ...
What did I told U ????????

see also:

Short-sighted NATO leaders gather in Warsaw for anti-Russian summit
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British PM threatens Russia with nuclear strike again
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Is Putin’s Purge of Top Russian Commanders an Advance Warning of Large-Scale Military Action in the Near Future ?
The Propaganda War With Putin

(nb: And don't believe I'm pro-Russian !!!!!
Or that Russia doesn't play in the courtyard with the others ...)

Friday, June 17, 2016


Around fifteen years ago, only, two people created web sites of alternative medecine. Sayer Ji with and Joseph Mercola with

They are the hope of everyone on earth who want to escape the dead end of modern medecine.

The opportunity to break up the chains from synthetic drugs has exploded lately with two banned documentaries:

"First Vaxxed, now Man Made Epidemic; Yet another documentary on vaccine safety gets pulled from international film festival"

One other man has worked hardly to connect the dots of the medical issue: Jon Rappoport 

Last from GMI, must read !!!

Is This The Common Denominator Of All Disease ?

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

The End of Modern Medicine ?

part 1
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Your Medicine is in Your Pantry

part 1
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Do 5 Million Americans Really Have Bipolar Disorder ?

part 1
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On Being Right and Eating Animals

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The Continuum Concept: Realigning with Intuition

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Greece minimum salary: under 25 = €.510, above = €.586
Independant worker      : for €.1000 earning = €.280 net in the pocket, 72% taxes.
(see: the Neo-Poor Greeks, Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below €.100 !

In France, 4 organic lemons = €.3,00
In Greece, 1 kg of natural lemons = €.0,80

not 'organic' BUT NATURAL !!

Greek people are one of the last societies on earth who have remained humans, and are able to live together with few earnings.

Bad example my friend.

Pour upon them interests, debts, refugees, break those people who dare being human beings where all the rest are either slaves, eithers robots.

"So I would have looked for my country a happy and tranquil republic whose seniority should be lost somehow in the mists of time, which would have experienced abuses only to manifest and strengthen in its inhabitants the courage and the love of the country, and where citizens long accustomed to a wise independence hand were not only free but worthy of being so. "
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

People here have no cash.

In France, when you go to a supermarket and have to pay €.150.02, you got to pay the 2 cents no matter what and they will be more pleased to get from you those 2 cents than the €.150.

I just bought a bottle of beer at the local supermarket that costs €.1.52. I took my change out of the pocket, begin to give one fifty and took a twenty cents coin for the next 2 cents I owed but, with a smile, the cashier tells me, 'It's ok' and gives me the ticket.
Guess why !

Today is a general strike and all is closed except a few gas stations and main supermarkets. Even the dogs are on strike, believe me or not. In France, at the door of in town supermarkets, you usually find some beggars, with dogs. Here, the dogs themselves stand all week at the door. Eh !!

Don't expect the churches' bells to tell you what hour it is. They ring when the priest feels it fine to do so. No automatic bells. No pollution, no chemtrails, few industries, few cars, and a persistent smell of wood smoke.

Proud people, with empty pockets but yes, proud to be human beings, as per Rousseau's statement of his ideal country he would chose  to live in.

See those buildings on the beachfront ? They are ALL empty !

And yet, since a month I am here and traveled some 300 miles by bus and been in four different towns, I 've still got to see my first greek policeman !
But my feeling is that Greeks are tired, they have few ressources left, and the youngs tend to expat themselves.
Agriculture is the only export along tourism ...

see also:

Leaked memo shows Soros pushed Greece to support Ukraine coup, paint Russia as enemy
Malaria on the rise in Greece after migrant surge


near Corynthe, april 2016

Vasil, shepherd
40 years around, coming from Albania

cats coming to the dogs for the daily news ...

your humble servant ...